Product Code: Various

The CDS Series floor springs are designed for high traffic single and double action doors. They are ideally suited to Timber, metal and tempered glass doors. Areas where a discreet, high quality aesthetic is required. Areas where a surface closer may be subject to abuse. Applications where floor depth is limited.

Ref: CDS5051 Floor Spring Fixed Power EN3
Ref: CDS5555 Floor Spring Fixed Power EN4
Ref: CDS5551 Floor Spring Fixed Power EN3 With Hold Open 90 Degrees
Ref: CDS5550 Floor Spring Fixed Power EN4 With Hold Open 105 Degrees
Ref: CDS5825 Single Action Accessory Pack
Ref: CDS5824 Double Action Accessory Pack

The CDS Floor spring series to EN 1154 and certified to EN 1634 (fire).
EN 1634 approved for use on timber fire doors up to 1hr rating.
High grade cast iron body with zinc coated, corrosion resistant cement box.
Door alignment adjustments [height – 4mm; length – 7mm; width -10mm].
Suitable for single and double action doors.
Fully adjustable for closing speed from 130˚ to 15˚ and adjustable latch action from 15˚ to 0
Suitable for use with glass patch fittings.
CE marked versions have 10 year performance guarantee for reassurance

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