Mitred Handle - Round Bar - 20mm

CDE429 – CDE432
Product Code: CDE429 - CDE432

All CDE400 Series pull handles can be ordered individually and must be ordered together with a standard fixing pack which contains all the components required to mount the pull handle in any of the 4 applications BACK TO BACK, GLASS, BOLT THROUGH OR SECRET FIX.

For BACK TO BACK assembly simply order 2 individual pull handles plus the standard fixing pack

Ref: CDEF1 Standard fixing pack for timber, metal or glass doors.

Ref: CDEF2 Face fixed rose mounting kit for 20mm diameter pull handles.

Ref: CDEF3 Face fixed rose mounting kit for 22mm diameter pull handles.

CDE429 – 20 x 200mm
CDE430 – 20 x 300mm
CDE431 – 20 x 400mm
CDE432 – 20 x 600mm

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